丽莎E. 麦金托什,注册会计师

默弗里斯伯勒和山. 朱丽叶董事总经理
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Lisa是莫非斯堡和Mt 朱丽叶办公室的总经理.  She obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Middle Tennessee State University.  She has over thirty years experience in public accounting including attest, 财务报告及税务.  她是吉列亨德森的审计合伙人 & 在加入Blankenship CPA Group之前,他是公司的董事.  她的行业经验包括小企业, 政府, 建设, 员工福利计划,而不是利润计划.  她是美国注册会计师协会和TSCPA的成员.   她活跃于朱丽叶山商会, serves as Treasurer for the local Pregnancy Care Center and is a member of the Wilson Bank Community Council.


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Bob Adams于2017年加入Blankenship CPA Group (BCPAG).  在加入BCPAG之前, Bob gained several years of public accounting experience providing audit, 审查, 税, 并为各行业客户提供商务咨询服务. His primary focuses include managing audits for local government agencies, 非营利组织, 以及少数人持股的企业.  Bob has extensive experience and expertise in providing audit and consulting services to utilities (natural gas, 水, 和电动), 市政府, 非营利组织.  He has also presented education seminars to utility management groups throughout Tennessee. Bob is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a degree in 会计.

Bob currently services as the Treasurer of the Executive Committee and chairs the Finance Committee of the 纳什维尔 based non-profit organization called Dismas Inc. He was recognized as a 2016 Firm Volunteer of the Year for his service to 非营利组织 in Middle Tennessee.

除了鲍勃的公共会计经验, he previously served as a controller for an automotive auction overseeing accounting and office operations.



·纳什维尔的Dismas公司, 执行委员会董事会财务主管和财务委员会主席






劳里米. 约翰逊,注册会计师

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作为罗克福德的本地人, IL, Laurie graduated from Rockford University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 会计. She has 30 years of experience in public accounting, working with clients in a variety of industries. 在她职业生涯的早期, Laurie worked as a staff accountant in northern Illinois and then moved to a regional public accounting firm in central Illinois. 在那里,她一级级升为高级经理, 专门针对地方政府, 非营利组织和小企业.

劳瑞的丰富经验包括代理客户与国税局, 销售税, and unemployment audits; assisting clients with the sale of their businesses; and consulting with small businesses and individuals with their business accounting and 税 needs.

Laurie is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants and Tennessee Government Finance Officers Association.

As a recent transplant to Middle Tennessee, Laurie joined BCPAG in June 2021. 她和丈夫蒂姆已经结婚30年了. They have two college-aged sons, Kaleb and Evann, and two Australian Shepherds, Jack and Jericho. In her free time, Laurie enjoys traveling and hunting for antique bargains.  

Dawayne Lusk注册会计师

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Prior to joining the Blankenship team in 2017 Kaitom worked for a 纳什维尔 public accounting firm where she focused predominantly on accounting services, 有税务方面的额外经验. In her current role Kaitom spends her time supervising internal firm ASG processes and works primarily with small and medium sized business clients in the entertainment and service industries. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in 会计 and a Master of Accountancy from Middle Tennessee State University. Kaitom和她的丈夫在MTSU相识,并于2016年结婚. 他们喜欢看着自己的孩子成长, 花时间在户外, 看体育比赛,参加教会活动.


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德雷克·理查森于2023年1月作为实习生加入手机赌博软件下载排行, 并于2023年5月转为审计助理. He will earn his Bachelor’s Degree from MTSU in August 2023 and then will pursue a Master’s Degree in Accountancy. 他来自田纳西州的亨德森. 他的爱好包括观看和参加体育赛事, 尤其是田纳西Vols队和红雀队, 打高尔夫球, 周游全国.  他期待着不断学习和服务他人.


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薇姬是土生土长的西部纳什维尔人. 她在茱丽叶山地区生活了22年多.  

薇姬有会计副学士学位. 她的第一份会计工作是在Deloitte-Hermitage.  作为团队领导, she assisted in implementing the fixed asset program in SAP and providing firmwide training.  13年后,为了更好地平衡工作和生活,她离开了.  She held various part time jobs including overseeing her church MDO program, 汽车修理店, 还有沙龙. 她回到了企业界,为洛伊斯工作, 沙姆•史密斯, Ragan Smith和Cracker Barrell. Vickie是一个狂热的Excel用户,喜欢所有的电子表格.  

Vickie takes much pride in her daughter who is a school teacher and her son-in-law who is in the Army.  她的爱好包括DIY项目和手工制作, and her favorite past-time is cuddling on the couch watching sports with her two dogs. 她喜欢掠夺者,浑身散发着橙色的血!


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(615) 546-6494



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(615) 373-3771

约西亚·克罗克 originally joined Blankenship CPA Group as an intern in the Summer of 2022. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in December of 2023 with two undergraduate degrees in 会计 and Spanish. After studying for over 8 years, he is now conversationally fluent in Spanish. Josiah returned to Blankenship CPA Group at the start of 2024 as an 审计助理 while simultaneously studying to pass the uniform CPA exam. He is excited to work at Blankenship CPA Group and looks forward to serving clients with the highest quality service. 在办公室外,你通常可以看到约西亚和他的家人. 他是四个兄弟姐妹中最小的一个, 他们经常花时间徒步旅行, 游泳, 或者一起看电影.

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